Cyn Hazel
I Surrender (Modern Romance)
Press Play: An Erotic Collection

I Surrender

I Surrender
by Cyn Hazel


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Successful writer Vashti Williams longs for romance. Unfortunately, she has given up on finding an honest man. Still heartbroken over the one man who betrayed her, Vashti has promised herself that there will be no more Nathaniels. But after she receives an assignment to travel to St. Croix to write an article on an up-and-coming male model, she suddenly realizes he is the man she had a brief affair with while vacationing in Spain five years earlier.

As her plane lands in St. Croix, Vashti has no idea that Ramòn Perez is secretly still infatuated with her. Now engaged to a beautiful woman he does not love the way he should, Ramòn panics when he discovers Vashti is the woman he has not been able to forget. Now he is torn between following his heart and following through with his promises to his fiancée. But the lure of passion and an unforgettable love sends Ramòn straight back into Vashti's arms, leaving a path of anguish and devastation for his fiancée to reluctantly follow.

In this contemporary romance novel, tempers flare and hearts break all over again as Ramòn and Vashti both discover the truth about family, home, and most importantly, surrendering their hearts.



Press Play: An Erotic Collection
by Cyn Hazel


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"You’re on my mind, and it seems like all the time. I’ve been thinking about you, jonesing for you—for your kiss,for your touch. The feel of you, taste and smell of you … wondering if you want what I want. I know you sense the heat from this fire, but I want something more than just quenching my desire. And for that reason, I’ll continue to let this blaze burn silently. But when you’re ready for something beyond sexual unity, you know how to reach me."

Indulge your fantasies with twelve short erotic encounters among strangers, spouses, or friends …

In “The Gym Experience,” a powerful single woman discovers that the subject of her fantasies has made her the object of his desires.

“Let’s Explore Together” tells the tale of a girls’ night in and brings all new meaning to the old saying, “The butler did it.”

When Brian receives a very steamy note from “My Boss’s Daughter,” he soon realizes that a phone call can be even hotter.

It’s Gary’s first visit to “The Fantasy Club,” and he has no idea what to expect. When voyeurism turns to participation, he may never be the same again.

Sara dedicates her time entirely to her studies, but when her roommate Alice invites her for a “Girls’ Night Out” at an exclusive adults-only club, Sara lets her hair down like never before.

Curious? Let the worlds of each story lick the flames of your desire. Go ahead—Press Play.