Cyn Hazel
I Surrender (Modern Romance)
Press Play: An Erotic Collection

I Surrender...
“Well, if it isn’t the Queen of Mud. But you’ve lost all of your mud, your Highness,” Ramón said sarcastically.

“Anyways,” she replied and rolled her eyes at him. “What are you watching?” she asked so that he would stop trying to torment her.

“You mean it isn’t obvious that I am gawking at you.” He smirked at her and blew her a kiss.

If only he knew, she thought. “You better keep those for your soon-to-be wife,” she told him. She said it as if she was trying to remind herself that he was not a single man but one about to get married. She kept telling herself to keep the bimbo in mind, that way she wouldn’t get into any trouble.


Press Play...

He couldn't think. Her hands had slid inside his robe and were stroking him delicately. Her moisture was seeping through the silk material and he could smell her flowery sweet nectar.

"Since it's your first time, I'll leave you in here but please don't forget me. I'm Candy." She said just before slipping him inside her glove. She shuddered as he filled her. He grabbed her ass tighter bringing her closer to him.

"How could you leave me like this?" He groaned as he thrust his shaft deeper inside her. She was a stranger to him but so erotic that he didn't care. And they fit so well.

"I don't want to. Trust me. It's why I invited you." She said on a groan just before she stood. "You will have me. Just enjoy the show first." Then she left through the door to the stage. He couldn't believe this. He didn't pay for his membership but look at the perks. Who the hell was paying for it? Her juices were all over him. But he didn't have long to think about it because the lights on the stage came on.